March 20, 2017

5 Pro Tips for Spring Break Parties

Spring break parties on South Padre Island are world famous for a reason!

We’ve got 5 unexpected tips for peace of mind while you party.

Not only are we SPI locals but we’ve almost literally seen it all due to the nature of our business.

It goes without saying that you should always party safe and if you haven’t been getting warnings from your parents, observing public service announcements at every turn, or have any questions/concerns, reach out and talk to a trusted adviser. Don’t be shy, we all have to learn at some point 😉

‘tis the season for shenanigans, so here are 5 pro tips:


When was the last time you even memorized a phone number?
We see people in this situation every single day so we suggest you make an old fashion list. Yes, with pen and paper, just in case your battery bites the dust or phone is stolen.

The most important information to keep handy:
hotel address (or wherever you’re staying), any medical conditions or allergies, your emergency contact(s), and our phone number at El Padrino Bail Bonds # 877-440-8511 Most people don’t expect to get arrested on spring break vacation but why do you think we have 7 locations?


Even though we’re sure you are NOT a troublemaker, things can get out of hand quickly. Inform yourself and party with confidence, review the ACLU’s Know Your Rights card linked below.


Yeah yeah, you’ve been avoiding it but AT LEAST clean out your photo/video storage. Free up phone space, dump all of those photos and videos before you leave. NO SPACE on your computer? use a free service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

4. SAVE YOUR BATTERY: Maps & Getting Around

Download a map of South Padre Island for OFFLINE use!
WHY? You’ll SAVE DATA & BATTERY and you’ll have a map, even if your signal sucks.

Here are directions on how to save a map for offline use with Android or using Google Maps for iPhone


We’ve said it before and you probably expected to hear it again. Shit happens and we have an app designed to help you through the process go smoother. Secure a little extra peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to help yourself or friends in a time of need. (semi shameless plug)

BONUS: feel accomplished

References & Resources

ACLU Know your Rights – inform yourself 🙂
This is what happens when you get arrested during spring break in Port A

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