February 24, 2018

5 Reasons why el Padrino Bail Bonds is the best in the valley

If you have an emergency and that’s why you landed here call right away El Padrino Bail Bonds phone: (877) 440-8511

If you are a free spirit soul, you like adventures, enjoy nature, electronic music, beach parties and so on, you’ll never know when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and in no time you’re behind bars in the nearest jail. Whatever you did wrong, the odds are that you have to pay a fine for the committed misdemeanor or felony. If you see yourself in this situation, the first and only thing to do is call your family or friends in order to hire a bail bondsman and get you out of jail in no time.

Because of this, we will share with you 5 reasons why El Padrino Bail Bonds rocks in the valley of Texas.

  1. Broad coverage.
    El Padrino Bail Bonds offers its services in the counties of Cameron, Willacy, and Kleberg counties. Having said that, you understand that you can have peace of mind when you’re enjoying Spring Break or any holidays in the valley of Texas and/or in South Padre Island.
  2. Response Time
    The staff at “El Padrino” are proud of the one ring personalized answer. No operating machines or robots to take a message from you when everybody knows the hurriedness you have to take your significant other out of jail. After the call, the bonds are posted within 5 minutes. That means that the process is basically instant, compared with other bail bonds services.
  3. Experience
    15 years of experience are most than enough to assure your confidence in El Padrino Bail Bonds. The network of contacts in “El Padrino” possession, and keeping it up to date, helps you to speed up the process and be released from jail pretty quick.
  4. Payment Plans
    “El Padrino” staff knows that not everybody has the budget for an emergency of this kind. Because of the experience that we mentioned before, the team at El Padrino Bail Bonds will give you different flexible payment plans and different payment methods that will ease the process.
  5. VIP Services
    Your significant other, friend or family member is fully covered. “El Padrino” services include pick up and transport to the airport, to your vehicle, train or bus station after being released.

So now you know you can have peace of mind when you’re going to enjoy any holidays in the valley of Texas.



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